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The name is pronounced as in Ooh-lush Turk-mehn

I’m a developer with expertise in building and running robust, high-load online applications. I have always aimed to keep things easy to understand, extend, scale, debug and deploy. Here are a couple of entry points to my contributions:

  • miniboss is a tool for testing container clusters locally. It’s docker-compose with lifecycle events right now, but I intend to add load testing and pytest integration soon.

  • stashpy is a replacement for Logstash that offers much better testability and easier configuration. Also, it’s written in Python, so those who know the language can build on it.

  • I wrote a number of tutorials on Ansible, Kubernetes and AWS.

  • The Go language is what I am currently focusing on. I wrote a rather detailed tutorial on Go tooling (The How and Why of Go, Part 1: Tooling), which I might even follow up on with a second installment.

Working on web software, I inevitably got entangled with all things browser-related – JavaScript, CSS, browser APIs etc. I’m comfortable working in this domain, but it’s not my main focus.

In a previous career, I did a PhD in Cognitive Science. This gave me the chance to read and think about all kinds of interesting topics (you can read my PhD thesis titled Situated Concepts and Pre-Linguistic Symbol Use here), and I’m fairly well-versed in topics related to AI, machine learning, data mining and computational linguistics. These skills came in handy when I worked as the CTO of a chatbot company, and I try to stay up-to-date by attending meet-ups on various topics and reading recent academic research as often as I can.

Twitter: @morphotactics

LinkedIn: Me