Recently Consumed III

It's going to be a flimsy consumption list this time, because I forgot to track the stuff I read on the net recently, but they are »

Thing worth doing

At last, I managed to make it through "Art of Unix Programming" by Eric Raymond, thanks to a long train ride and an extended weekend. It's »

Recently Consumed II

Bill Keller of NYT expresses ire against Twitter, Facebook etc. He lists the common reasons you usually hear; internet is making us dumb (he actually tweeted »

Free as in Internet

At the moment, I'm on holiday in Turkey, and the beauty of the scenery and the sea is accompanied by the ugly news about new regulations »

Turning thirty

I turned thirty last year. This is my third attempt to write up how this feels, and how it affected my mood for the year. The »

Recently Consumed

Thanks to my new Kindle, I can now actually read long texts on the net to the end, and not wander off to reddit or facebook »

Bitter music

I went to the Berlin Philhamonic yesterday with a few friends to listen to An Alpine Symphony by Strauss. The orchestra was conducted by a very »

Q and A

The city I grew up in Turkey, Adana, is known for its extremely strong swearing culture. In the daily life of an average Adana citizen, the »