Notes on testing

We are doing a small workshop on testing at work, and I wanted to use the chance to write down my opinions on the topic. I »

Accomodate & Navigate

When it comes to learning something new, I'm somehow committed to a rationalist imagination. Probably because of the maths education I had to endure at a »

Recently Consumed V

This time the links are few, but the texts are longer; I started gathering links a few months ago, but waited too long to write the »

How things get lost

Here is a tentative list of how things get lost. With getting lost, I mean the general sense of not being available after being so for »

We are under attack!

There was an interview with a bunch of public intellectuals some time ago, where they were asked to reveal a guilty pleasure of theirs. Most of »

Recently Consumed IV

This issue of recently consumed was a long time in the making, so some of the links might be a bit outdated. Actually, this list has »

Ten years as a foreigner

Sometime at the beginning of last November was the tenth anniversary of my coming to Germany as a fresh young foreign student. I've shed the 'fresh', »

Recently Consumed III

It's going to be a flimsy consumption list this time, because I forgot to track the stuff I read on the net recently, but they are »