Why I'm not a big fan of Scrum

Scrum is now the default agile software development methodology. This management framework, which is "simple to understand but difficult to master", is used by 66% of »

Lessons from Legacy

Last two years of my working life have been spent on an e-commerce application that is mainly occupied with coordinating inventory items, orders and shipments. The »

How bugs happen

Here's a tentative list of how software bugs happen. A bug is any behavior of a working program that is considered erronuous, and worthy of being »

A Small Adventure In Functors

The function composition operator in Haskell, i.e. (.), is much more complicated than at first sight, or rather, the function composition operator plus the type system »

Notes on #occupygezi

At the beginning of summer, a tired bit of news from Turkey was followed by something really unexpected, and pinned expats like me to their computers »